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To propagate the Hindu Dhrama and Bhakthi Cult among the public and devotees in particular, the Devasthanam is publishing a Religious Monthly Magazine in Telegu entitled as ‘SRISAILA PRABHA’ since 1965. In this magazine various articles with regard to Veda Samskruthi, Sanathana Dharma, Hindu Tradition, Temple Art & Architecture and Temple Activities etc., are being published. Besides, special research Articles on Ancient Temples, as centre spread are also being contributed in every month.. Magazine Subscription: The Magazine is having both Annual and Permanent subscriptions.

SL No. Subscription Details Subscription Amount
1 Annual Subscription Rs. 116 /-
2 Permanent Subscription ( for a period of 15 years only ) Rs. 1200 /-

How to Subscribe :

The Subscription amount can be paid directly in the publication sales counter which are located at the back side of Sri Ammavari Temple and also in the premises of Information & Donation Counter . Subscription can also be sent through Money Order / Cheque / Money Order in favour of “ The Executive Officer, Srisaila Devasthanam,’’ payble at Srisailam. Subscription may also be sent through online.


The Devasthanam is presenting the copies of Srisaila Prabha as “ Pusthaka Prasadam” to the Arjitha Sevadars of the Pooja Rusumu of Rs. 500/- and above under Hindu Dharma Pracharam and in every month 10 to 15 thousand copies are distributing in this regard.


The Devasthanam is publishing various books like Sthalapurapranam, History of Srisailam in English, Kannada, Hindi languages and other books like Sri Mallikarjuna Suprabhatham, Srisailakathalu,Rudrabhishekam, Punyadhamalu, Masalu-Parvalu etc. At present a total of 16 publications are available and some of the other publications like Astakalu, Sivanandalahari, Mana Devathalu etc. and some of the publications are in re-print and some other new publications is being planned. The available publications details are:

SL No. Name Designation
1 Sri Mallikarjuna Suprabhatham 10-00
2 Srisaila Sthalapuranam 70-00
3 Srisaila History and Cult(Hindi) 20-00
4 Srisaila History and Cult (Kannada) 20-00
5 Srisaila Kshetram - Darsaniya Sthalalu 50-00
6 Srisaila Kathalu 50-00
7 Sthotrakadambam 25-00
8 Rudrabhishekam 25-00
9 Rudradhyam 20-00
10 Srisaila Kshetram - Paryataka Sthalalu 20-00
11 The Shrines of Srisailam (English) 20-00
12 Akkamahadevi ( Spiritual Novel) 30-00
13 Masalu-Parvalu 40-00
14 Punyadhamalu 40-00
15 Astadasa Shakithipeethalu 40-00

SL No. Name Designation
1 Sivagathalahari - Pravachanam By H.H.Sri Kurthalam Peetadhipathi 25-00
2 Srisaila Mahatyam – Pravachanam By Brahmasri Chaganti Koteswara Rao Garu 30-00
3 Srisaila Vaibhavam – Pravachanam By Samavedam Shanmukhasarma Garu 25-00
4 Sivaparvathi Kalyanam - Pravachanam By Samavedam Shanmukhasarma Garu 25-00
5 Yaksha Prasnalu - Pravachanam By Brahmasri Dr. Garikapati Narasimha Rao Garu 25-00
6 Srisaila Mahima - Pravachanam By Brahmasri Dr. Vaddiparthi Padmakar 25-00
7 Girija Kalyanam - Pravachanam By Sri Vaddiparthi Padmakar Garu 25-00
8 Basavapuranam – Pravachanam By Sivasri Dr Mahanthaiah Garu 25-00
9 Ilalo Kailasam 25-00
10 Akkamahadevi (Vedio C.D) 50-00