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The Devasthanam has launched Saswatha Annadanam Scheme aimed at providing Bhojana Prasadam to the pilgrims visiting Srisailam. It is well known fact that all the devotees are accustomed to partake of the Prasadam of God and Goddess in temples as a custom and tradition. In this context the Devasthanam is maintaining ‘Anna Prasada Vitharana’ to pilgrim public. The Vedic literature says as “Annam Parabrahma Swarupam” and the person who performs Annadanam will be blessed by divine Gods.


Under this scheme, at present the Devasthanam is providing free meals to about 2000 to 3000 pilgrim on average days and 3000 to 4000 pilgrims on rush days like Saturday, Sunday, Monday etc., and above it during Uthsavams days. Further the Bhojana Prasadam is being served with Chutny, One Curry, Doll, Sambar, Buttermilk along with Pulihora and one Sweet item. The serving of meals is being made in plantain leaves/ dining leaves.

Annapurna Bhavan :

The Annadana Mandiram named as “Annapurna Bhavanam” was newly constructed with a cost of Rs.3 Crores at the back side of Devasthanam Administrative Building which is very near to temple. This Annadanam building is modernized and consists of 2 dining halls, 2 waiting halls by adapting the modern cooking ranges , Vessels, Trolleys and Ding tables.


The minimum donation for this Saswatha Annadanam Scheme is of Rs.5000/- and the donated amount will be deposited in Nationalized Banks and the interest derived on it will be utilized for the scheme and Annadanam will be performed with the Name and Gotra of the Donor once in year to his choice and for a period of Ten years. The donation for performance of Annadanam for a day is Rs.500/-. Photo identity card will be given to the donors who donate one lakh and above.


The devasthanam is also accepting Rice and Vegetables as donation and it is pleasure to inform that the Devasthanam is not purchasing vegetables at present and they are getting completely as donation only.


Donations can be made directly in the Donation Receiving counters, which are located at the opposite side of the Que Complex,backside of Ammavari Temple and also near Annadana Mandiram. Donations can be made by way of cheque or demand draft on any scheduled bank drawn in favour of
    THE Executive Officer,
    Srisaila DEvasthanam,
    Srisailam- 518101
    Kurnool (dt)
All Donations made to this Devasthnam, are exempted from Income Tax Under Section – 80 G of Income Tax Act